Essentials – ARRIVAL

Driving in

Full directions can be found here

Coming from Geneva and after passing through Sallanches – the big town in the valley – you head for Megeve. You’ll pass through Combloux, the first ski village on route. Once you’ve passed through Megeve you’ll enter the outskirts of Praz-sur-Arly. Pass the Intermarche supermarket on the left (great for stocking up – there’s also a little one in the village) and at the next roundabout, before heading into the village, take a left – towards the ski area.

Follow the road round and when you reach a T-junction, take a left – pass over the bridge and turn right. Almost immediately you’ll see a road heading off up to the left. This is the Route de Varins – take it. Around 150m up, take the first proper road on the left: this is the Allee du Plan de Varins.

Follow the rough road around to the right and you’ll see 2 large chalets on the right. Don’t turn off on the first the right, that’s the Erine des Alpes, set back from the road. The entrance to the car park of the Chalet du Chanteret is just beside this. If you have the clicker – head down (see here for parking info) otherwise pull up in front  of the building to unload at the front door (there’s a clicker in the cabinet draw in the living room). You can also park your car outside, on the rise to the left.

Our apartment (#106 – but no marking on the door) is on the first floor on the right.

Putting the Heating On

If it’s winter, you’ll need to put the heating on. There are thermostats in each room, bump them up – around 5 blobs is probably about right. It takes around 24h to settle, you can readjust then.

If you’re the first to arrive in the season, you’ll also need to turn the hot water on. The fuse, labelled “Chauffe Eau” (top right) will be switched off. You’ll find the fuse box in the cupboard in the corner of corridor of the apartment. If you’re a large party, I’d recommend some bathing in the morning and some in the evening.


You’ll need to take your rubbish to the nearest poubelle – its just on this side of the bridge going over the Arly on the way back into town.

We usually keep a large shopping bag in the cloakroom cupboard in the hall to put recycling in until we do a bin run


The code for the Internet is the cupboard with the fusebox.

Cutlery and utensils are in the draws in the kitchen table

Please help yourself to cleaning materials and so on in the apartment but if something is running low it would be great if you could replenish.


While there is ski storage, its recommended to keep your skis and boots in our lock-up garage with your car (no need to lock up while you’re here). Then you can head out through the garage door (don’t forget to lock it behind you).

At the top of the ramp turn left and join the snow to the right of the Erine des Alpes. A 5 min shuffle across the snow will get you to the lifts. Head for the piste then across the road. The main Crete du Midi 6-man lift is straight ahead but make a note of the drag lifts on the left – the one on the left will drop you on the Combe Noire piste which runs right past our chalet when you head home. Pick up some speed and cut across the walking path, pulling around the far side of the Erine des Alpes, back to the parking ramp.

The ticket office for lift passes is opposite the 6-man lift, down near the road. You can pay for a couple of hours at a time, a day or a few days. There are 2 versions, one for the Val d’Arly area and for a bit more one for the entire Espace Diamant (but you really need a full day to get over the other side and back).

NB Please do not come up the stairs in ski boots as it damages the floor. If your boots need drying out in the apartment, please carry them.

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