Essentials – DEPARTURE


If someone is coming straight after you, I’m afraid this will mean you’ll need to wash and change the sheets and towels yourself and generally clean the place.

However, if there is a couple of days or more before the next booking we can arrange the cleaners to come in to do this – Just let us know. You’ll need to leave payment for them. Just pop some Euros in an envelope (some in the living room cupboard) and leave on the cooker before you lock up. 50euros is the basic but if you’ve had a large party living there for more than a few days, please leave 75euros.


If you’re heading for a flight out of Geneva give yourself 3 hours before the departure. You should build in extra time if:

    1. the weather is poor
    2. you’re going to hit Geneva rush hour
    3. You’re leaving on changeover day (Saturday) in the height of ski season

Lights, Heating & Shutters

Make sure all the lights (including on the balconies) and heating have been turned off before you leave. If its mid season and someone will be visiting within the next 10 days or so you can leave the heating on low, as it takes so long to heat up. Leave the thermostat in each room set to 2 blobs.

Please make sure you remember to turn the towel rails in both bathrooms right down – full anti-clockwise.

If you’re the last visitor of the season, Winter or Summer, please also flick the fuse for the hot water to off (see arrivals).

Please close all the shutters, including the electric roller in the living room and the one for bathroom in the Master bedroom.

Fridge & Rubbish

Please make sure any perishables in the fridge are thrown away, unless the use by date runs into the next visit and you’re sure they might be of use to the next party.

And please make sure all the bins are emptied for a last visit to the poubelle on the way out.

Locking Up

Don’t forget to bring home all the keys you were given. Or if you picked them up from Emonet Sport, please return them there. If you were using the garage clicker from the drawer, please put it back once you’ve locked the garage before heading off. Make sure the front door to the apartment is locked.

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