Getting to Praz-sur-Arly without a Car

Train + bus option from Geneva is available all year round and “seamless”

A friend just returned from an autumn break in Praz-sur-arly (lucking-out with wall-to-wall sun in  late October) and has just proven that it’s not so hard to get to our apartment from Geneva airport without a car, even outside the main seasons. 

Our previous recommended  carless solution was to catch a shared bus for around 30 euro (such as Alpybus or Chamexpress) to Sallanches.  From there it’s a 20 min car  journey up the mountain – either a taxi or a pickup from someone already at the apartment.

But given this trip was outside the main season, this option wasn’t open – so Jeannie took a train from Geneva airport to Sallanches and from there a bus straight to Praz-sur-Arly, dropping off at the Tourist Office – just 10 mins walk from the apartment. The  Timetable is below – but Jeannie mentioned that she thinks SNCF – the train company – runs additional buses, so worth looking into it as an option.

We were concerned there would be a lot of hanging around, but Jeannie described the trip both ways as “seamless.” 

NB – The bus was cash-only, so have some euros handy (€3.50 inc baggage)

See here for more info:

Regular Bus from Sallanches to Praz-sur-Arly

If you’re not driving, chances are you’ve caught the bus from Geneva to Sallanches, with Alpybus, ChamExpress or Ouibus. See here.

They tend to drop (and pick up) from the Carrefore car-park, by the Macdonalds drive-thru, although some may go all the way to Megeve.

You now have three options to complete your journey:

  1. Get picked up by someone already in Praz with a car
  2. Order a local taxi to pick you up. See here
  3. Take the regular bus

If it’s option 3, there’s around 8 a day.  Check the Schedule

And you’ll need to get yourself to the train-station (unless the bus can drop you there).

Cost is €3.50 per adult, plus €2 per piece of luggage.


Great New Taxi Option

Kirstie found this great guy from Flumet with a car that can hold 7 or 8 at a push. Lovely chap, speaks a bit of English. Only cost us 25eu to Megeve. And he was happy to pick us up after midnight (but asked up to SMS so as not to annoy his wife)

+33 6 33 86 65 50

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