Praz to get it’s own lake!

Praz-sur-Arly is to join the French-mountain-village-with-a-lake club, with plans to complete the build by late 2022 and open for swimming in Summer 2023.

From the photo above it appears to be located on the other side of the river to the Les Belles games area, with a footbridge to connect it. 

Work started clearing the land in Nov 2021 (photos here).

All the other amazing lakes in the area can be found here.

Fun, Games and Rosé right on the doorstep

A huge asset right on the doorstep is the Belles Leisure park – or Aire de Jeux – with so much to do for young and old, a lot of it for free! And it’s all just 5 mins walk away.

The facilities include:

  • Extensive children’s playground
  • “Artistic” mini-golf
  • Climbing wall
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Running track
  • Exercise equipment
  • Pétanque court (boule)
  • Skate park
  • BMX track
  • Dragon themed soft-play
  • Giant chess

To top it off there’s the great Les Belles Café, serving a wide range of drinks, ice-creams and snacks – and occasionally a BBQ (the owner is South African)

Ice Skating, whatever the weather

Take a spin on the ice in the centre of Megève or – even in bad weather or Summertime – take to the olympic sized rink in the Palais sports centre.

As with many top ski resorts, Megève has an outdoor rink in the centre of town that’s packed with kids aprés-ski. In Megève it’ is raised in the centre of town with the neighbouring Puck bar making a great escape for parents.

But if the weather is poor or you’re looking for more space, there’s also an enormous indoor rink at the Megève sports centre. Details here>>

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take a look out the windows in the master bedroom window on a clear sunny morning, say around 9am, and chances are you’ll see 2 or 3 hot air-balloons rising majestically into the air. Why not take a ride in one!

Mongolfiers, as they are known in France (after the frenchman who apparently invented them), are launched from Praz-sur-Arly, just by the Aire de Jeux – 10 mins walk from the apartment.

We’ve never taken one – I’m afraid of heights – but it looks like an amazing experience.

Go here to enquire about a booking.

Day Trip to Annecy

Glamorous friend Sarah on one of her regular pilgrimages to Annecy

Of all the destinations in easy reach, Annecy must be one of the most charming. This historic town on the edge of stunning Lake Annecy, has so much to offer and is just an hour and half drive away. 

Whether in the Summer or a sunny Spring day, taking a break from the skiing, Annecy town is great for strolling. Take in it’s beautiful buildings, shops and buzzy restaurants and cafés. The market is on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

In the Summer there’s so much to do by – or on – the lake, including boat hire and watersports. Check out the agenda here:

Directions from the apartment to Annecy